Few people know District 94 better than “JoJo” Josephus Eggelletion III- he was born here (at Broward General Hospital located in District 94) and raised at his parent’s family house in Lauderdale Lakes, in District 94.   And just like his parents, Josephus Eggelletion, Jr and Carolyn Taylor Eggelletion, he attended and graduated from Broward Public Schools.  JoJo’s family roots run deep in the community.   

Both of his parents were Broward educators in our Broward Public Schools.  His mom, Carolyn Eggelletion is the longest serving Principal in our school system and his sister, LaShawnda is a classroom teacher for special needs students. A good strong public education system has been a family value and goal, and imperative for the success of JoJo’s daughter, Jasmine (age 4) with the future generation. 

Joe’s grandfather, Josephus Eggelletion (also known as Mr. Joe) opened on the first barbershops in what is now District 94 and his dad, Josephus Eggelletion, Jr. and his uncle, Andre Eggelletion continued operating the family business throughout their lives.  His late father’s sister, Loretta, still operates her business, London’s on 27th Avenue across from the Broward Sheriff’s Office and The Urban League Building. 

The proud father of Jasmine, age 4, Josephus Eggelletion III is a third-generation family member of Piney Grove First Baptist Church and, like his dad, Joe is a legacy member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.  His sister, LaShawnda, similarly followed in her mother’s footsteps as both an educator and as a legacy member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  Josephus III also works with other charitable organizations like the Jack & Jill Children’s Center, St. Jude Hospital, and various other educational programs and scholarship opportunities for our students in Broward County. 


As a person who was born and raised in District 94, right here at Broward General Hospital, and grew up in the district and obtained a Broward Public School Education before leaving for Howard University, I know and respect the people who reside in District 94, who birthed me, who educated me, and instilled in me the values I would like to share with our families in the future.   My entire family have deep Broward County roots and I have chosen to raise my daughter Jasmine here where I grew up, to have those same opportunities.     

After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Washington, DC at Howard University in 1997, I returned to my family home and continued my education at Nova Southeastern University for my Master of Science and Physical Therapy in 2000.    

For more than 20 years, I have dedicated myself to the residents of Broward County, working with doctors and nurses, physical therapists and speech therapists and I have overseen several step-down Intensive Care Units at several South Florida hospitals. 

During these years working with patients and especially assisting my family while my father battled his bout with prostate cancer until his passing in November 2018, it was a greater awakening to me how important better health care must be provided to all residents of District 94.   Add in the year 2020, when Covid 19 spread through this nation, and with my specialty training in physical and respiratory therapy, I was frustrated even more by the fears and lack of understanding on preventative care to battle Covid, and the failure of educating people to understand the importance of vaccination programs throughout our community. 

Therefore, following in the footsteps of my father, I have chosen to take my commitment and passion for people and for community and go to Tallahassee to be the missing voice for healthcare education and opportunities for residents of District 94, and all of Broward County.  


My parents, Josephus Eggelletion, Jr., and Carolyn Taylor Eggelletion grew up in Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach, respectively.   They graduated from Broward County Public Schools and continued their education at Florida A&M University, only to return to Broward county as teachers in the Broward School System.    

My father was one of several children of Josephus Eggelletion, Sr.  and Annie-Lee Eggelletion.   People fondly called my grandfather, Mr. Joe, where he ran a couple of barbershops and was also a pastor.  Grandma Annie-Lee worked in public school cafeterias and cared for other families’ children as a housekeeper, while raising her own.   They were active members of First Baptist Church Piney Grove, when it was originally located on NW 4 Street.   Growing up my friends and I would visit with Mr. Joe and my father and his brother Andre at the barbershop.  

 Uncle Andre took a professional path with his passion for music and politics, becoming a radio figure on political talk shows and entertained many performing in some local restaurants.  My father, the elected politician, continued in his father’s footsteps and took an active role and obtained his naming rights as Reverend Josephus Eggelletion prior to his death in 2018.   Today, like my father and grandfather, I have continued to be a member of the family church.   

Dad taught at different high schools in Broward, including his Alma Mater Dillard High School.  Eventually he went to work with Dr. Dorsey Miller in the School Administration building on creating Diversity Programs.  It was during this same time that he pursued his childhood passion for politics, first as a Lauderdale Lakes City Commissioner, then a Florida State Representative, and in 2000 was elected to the Broward County Commission, becoming the first African American to serve as Broward’s Mayor.    

Like my dad, I am a member of his fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi and I know he would be proud of my decision to continue our family tradition of public service. 




My mother, Carolyn Taylor Eggelletion graduated Blanche Ely High School in Deerfield Beach at an early age of 17 and continued her education at Florida A&M University where she met my dad.   After graduation, she was a speech pathologist at many schools, including five schools in District 94- Ricketts Middle School and Floranada Elementary in Oakland Park, Wilton Manors Elementary School, and North Fork Elementary and Walker Elementary, both in Fort Lauderdale.  Today, I am the proud son of the longest serving Principal in the Broward Public Schools, where my mom is still an elementary school Principal at Winston Park! 

My mother’s roots with her parents started in Deerfield, where they were members of Merrill Methodist Church.  Her dad worked for the City of Boca Raton, and what I recall best of my grandmother were the photos of her as a Nurse at Holy Cross Hospital here in Fort Lauderdale. 

My mom loves her family, her dog JJ and the Bible, and her grandchildren, Enoch, Eric and Jasmine are the apple of her eye.  Plus, she loves nothing more than spending time with her Delta Sigma Theta Sorority sisterhood. 


I believe my reputation as a loyal and dedicated man to my daughter, Jasmine, and to my Taylor and Eggelletion family, as well as to my Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brotherhood reflects the same integrity and commitment, I would take to Tallahassee serving as a voice for the people of Broward County.  While my parents first chose public service serving as educators in our classrooms, I chose my public service through my service and passion in the healthcare services I have been providing over the last 20 years. 

My father’s vision for our community created the first regional park and cricket stadium (Central Broward Regional Park and Cricket Stadium) located in District 94 at Sunrise Boulevard and 441.   The expansion of our county bus transit system with buses geared for new environment standards and reduced wait times between services to assist our community to alternative transportation means to gainful employment.  My dad’s his first role in leadership was creating an international expansion of Port Everglades in the cargo industry, generating a major job market and employment opportunities.   And while he served as the first African American Mayor of Broward, he paved the way for expansion of our airport with a new south runway, opening the way for more flights to the Caribbean and more job opportunities.  Dad always made sure that unincorporated Broward was not left behind by passing a county budget investing to replace outdated infrastructure, and never displacing people from government jobs during the recession. 

It was my parents’ vision that was instilled in me to work hard, grab job opportunities, and educate and help our neighbors to enjoy a better life.  I chose to commit myself not as a public-school teacher like my parents, but as an educator and leader in the healthcare profession for our families and friends.  I am totally committed to be the voice of the healthcare concerns we share and know firsthand that it is not simply better health care, but better insurance and affordable healthcare services.   




Political advertisement paid and approved by Josephus Egglletion II, Democrat, candidate for House district 94

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